Frequently Asked Questions


How do they work?

Period or not, Undercovers have got you covered. From bladder leakage to light discharge and heavy sweat sessions, we’ll keep you protected from leaks, stains and odours so there’s nothing holding you back.

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How are they made?

Undercovers underwear are manufactured right here in Melbourne by our dedicated team.

Our designer Wendy has created our gorgeous range of styles of underwear and our manufacturer, Jimmy, provides an ethical, safe workplace for his staff, using the finest German fabric to create a beautifully made high end product.

Who can wear Undercovers?

Undercovers are designed for anyone needing a little extra protection throughout their day-to-day life.

Period or not, Undercovers have got you covered. From light bladder leakage to light discharge and heavy sweat sessions, we’ll keep you protected from leaks, stains and odours so there’s nothing holding you back.

Undercovers are designed to help you live free. Free to run, kick, dance or just hang out on the couch without worrying about your period or LBL.

Our sleek and sophisticated underwear empowers you to get on with your day or night with confidence, keeping you worry-free on even your heaviest days with our unique 4-way period-proof technology.

People who menstruate, sweat, or have light bladder leakage or discharge are encouraged to make the switch to our reusable, environmentally friendly alternative to regular menstrual products or panty liners. Everyone deserves to feel fresh and comfortable!

How do Undercovers differ from other period underwear brands?

Undercovers underwear are designed with a super slim quick-drying gusset so they look and feel like normal underwear - no bulky padding.

The entire outer fabric of Undercovers underwear is leak-resistant which stop leaks from wicking around to the outside of the gusset and beyond.

Undercovers have been tried and tested for the last 8 years to ensure you’re getting the ultimate period product! Our underwear are the only brand manufactured right here in Australia, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you are supporting small, local businesses. Undercovers are Australian Made and owned. Based in Melbourne, we recognise and uplift other small businesses along our production line and supply chain, from our designer to our manufacturer, photographer and graphic designers. With every purchase we’re also supporting charities that empower women and assist those in need.

Undercovers let you live free from worry with total peace of mind by protecting you against life’s little leaks.

Can Undercovers replace sanitary pads and/or tampons?

Depending on your flow and the style choice – yes!

Each style is labelled with their level of absorbency so you can select the style that best suits you and your needs. Whether its overnight, heavy flow, or those ‘just in case’ days, undercovers has an option for you.

How do I care for my Undercovers?

We recommend rinsing your undercovers under cold running water until the water runs clear, then pop them into the wash in a wash bag on a delicates cycle, and then hang or lie flat to dry.

We have made Undercovers underwear with some seriously clever little fabrics that will look after you day after day as long as you look after them. Please read our care guide - click here -and remember to never use any kind of bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets or harsh detergent. These products will shorten the life of your new Undercovers.

What size am I?

Which style should I choose?

We offer two fabric ranges and within each range we have six different styles.

G-String - suitable for those ‘just in case’ days

Bikini Medium Day - perfect for everyday wear

Bikini Heavy Day - comfortable with a lot more absorbency to keep your mind at ease 24/7

Boyfit Medium Day - perfect for everyday wear

High Waist Medium Day - with a little more tummy coverage, so you can feel secure

High Waist Super Heavy Day - more tummy coverage and super absorbency for your heaviest days and nights

What is the fabric composition?

Undercovers are made with no animal products and are 100% vegan.

We have two ranges of breathable fabrics across all styles and the main fabric used closest to your body is soft hygienic cotton.

Our cotton range is made from : -

Outer fabric - 43% Cotton 41% Polyamide 16% Elastan

Inner Gusset - 95% cotton 5% Elastan

Outer Gusset -100% cotton backed with low breathable TPU

Excludes Trims

Our luxe range is made from : -

Outer fabric- 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane

Inner Gusset - 95% cotton 5% Elastane

Middle Gusset - 100% cotton backed with breathable TPU

Excludes Trims


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