How They Work

Designed for periods. Made for every day.

Undercovers are designed to help you live free. Free to run, kick, dance or just hang out on the couch without worrying about your period.

Our sleek and sophisticated underwear empowers you to wear your favourite outfit with confidence, keeping you worry-free on even your heaviest days with our unique 4-way period-proof technology. Depending on the style you choose Undercovers will absorb up to 5 tampons or 25 mls worth of fluid to keep you safe from leaks.

Period or not, Undercovers have got you covered. From bladder leakage to light discharge and heavy sweat sessions, we’ll keep you protected from leaks, stains and odours so there’s nothing holding you back. 

Seems simple, right? But it’s not. There’s a lot that goes into creating underwear that works for your period, light bladder leakage and sweat sessions at the gym.

Undercovers are the result of years of researching, testing, prototyping and wearing. We worked with fabric technicians (and sourced fabric from as far as Germany) to develop a high-tech multi-layer fabric combination that wicks moisture, absorbs liquid, eliminates odours and protects against leaks.

Leak-free. Worry-free.

This is no backup underwear. Undercovers have been designed to replace your pads, tampons and panty shields. With our four-way super-absorbent and leak proof fabrics and a special design that directs liquid away from the edge, you can get on with your day comfortably and confidently.

Period underwear no matter your flow.

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