About Undercovers

Simply better, period.

For you

We believe in creating products that look good and feel good. Our underwear is size inclusive and vegan. We’ve sourced high-quality fabrics that are designed to last and created underwear you can feel confident wearing.  

For them

We believe in honesty and taking care of the people who make your clothes. Our underwear is certified Made and Owned in Australia and we’re an Ethical Brand which ensures that all our workers earn fair wages and enjoy a healthy, happy workplace.

For all of us

We believe in doing our bit to reduce waste and eliminate plastic. Undercovers are designed to be worn as an alternative to pads, panty-liners and tampons while being sustainable, reusable and long-lasting.

We’re also working to reduce plastic waste at every stage from the manufacturer's floor to your front door. 

Period undies to kick worries to the curb. 

How it all began

Undercovers was launched in early 2021. But the idea for leak-proof period undies started way back in 2011 when founder Liz Hayes was chatting with a friend. Her friend’s teenage daughter was thinking of starting karate but she had just got her first period and was too worried about leaking through the white uniform.

Liz wondered why this issue for women hadn’t been fixed when there was the technology to send people into space! She started to look at whether there was a sustainable and totally leak-proof alternative to single-use sanitary products - undies that could be worn with confidence during that time of the month, but left you free to carry on with all your activities. And so, she began to research the idea.

Looking online Liz found a few potential products overseas. But these weren’t quite good enough - they were too padded and uncomfortable or didn’t have enough absorbency and eventually leaked.

With this idea, Liz decided to design her own range of period undies. With the help of a consultant from Melbourne RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles, she researched fabric waterproofing and absorbency technology, while the search for the perfect fabric led to Germany.

Working with a local designer, Liz created innumerable prototypes over 8 years, testing each for comfort, leaks and absorbency. This dedication and attention to detail, by both Liz and her wonderful designer, have been integral to the success and quality of the final range.

At the heart of the brand is Liz’s commitment to empowering women to feel safe, confident and liberated from the fear of embarrassment during their period and at any time during the month.

This has led to the creation of Undercovers’ range of reusable period-proof, leak-resistant underwear. They can be used either as back up or as a replacement for pads, tampons and panty shields which end up in landfill.

The range includes 6 styles of underwear in both luxe and cotton fabrics:

G-string, light-day bikini, heavy-day bikini, boy fit, light-day high waist and heavy day high waist. Undercovers is a size-inclusive brand - the range encompasses sizes 6-24, with more sizes to be released.

All the products are made in Australia ethically and sustainably to support the local community and economy.

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