Why size inclusivity is so important for us at Undercovers!


Now, you might want us to stay “in our lane” however we’re not here to just talk about periods, we’re here to advocate for all issues that may impact any Women.

What does “size-inclusive” mean? It’s a “word that refers much more to the notion of diversity in terms of sizes and body shapes”

We’ve always believed that it’s vital for all retailers to embrace size inclusivity. In 2022 we still see many fashion brands showcase their wares on nothing but a size 8 model. Now size 8 is important, but so is everyone from smaller than this to a size 24. When a brand doesn’t embrace size inclusivity, it offers a reduced number of items that does not represent every person. We then tend to see inconsistencies across sizing and segregation of “petite” and “plus size” as opposed to everything being standardised.

Here at Undercovers, it’s important that we are representative of ALL people that require our products and that our marketing always reflects who are customers are. We’re proud to offer everything from a size 6 to 24. No Woman should feel like something is not accessible to them due to their size.

Why’s it still a big deal when a major retailer uses a size 16 model or start to offer size 22? Because it’s just not commonplace yet. We crave the industry to evolve so we never see terms like “plus size” again.

It’s about more than just us, it’s about you. We challenge you to only shop brands that practice size inclusivity and ask questions to those that don’t. It’s small collective efforts that create change and we believe that together we can help shape that this becomes the norm of the future!

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